Wings Add Veteran Midfielder Bryan Perez

by Lisa Sillaway


Park City, KS (December 13, 2019) - Bryan Perez is a family man with a passion for soccer. That's a passion he might just be passing on to a new generation.

"I am the luckiest man having such a beautiful wife and two amazing kids. My 5-year-old girl is Mila and she will crack you up. My other one is Enz , he is about to turn two and he loves soccer already," said Perez.

And is there another reason Perez feels lucky? He's coming back home to the Wichita Wings.

Perez played for the Wings in 2011-2012 and spent the last seven years just up 1-35 with the KC Comets and even served as their captain last year. Living with his family back in Wichita for a bit now, he's currently the head coach and technical director for the outdoor team, FC Wichita. He's also played for West Kenal in Miami, Florida and outdoors for Miami FC.

Indoors or out, Perez loves the beautiful game and looks forward to bringing that love to Wichita Wing fans.

"I consider my passion for soccer, positive vibes and experience as what I could bring to the team. As far as on the field, I will bring my technical and tactical awareness to the game. I look forward to seeing the fans again and meeting all the kids that enjoy the game of soccer," he said. Who knows, fans might even get a glimpse of Enzo showing off his budding soccer skills.

Meet this family with a passion for soccer this month as the Wichita Wings open their season at home on Dec. 28. Season tickets are on sale now via Ticketmaster and at the Hartman Arena.