Major Arena Soccer League, remaining schedule set for 20-21 season

by Brian Ackley

TAMPA, Florida – The Major Arena Soccer League 2 announced the remaining games for the 2021 season. Six teams will battle it out for the M2 championship, with four teams earning spots in the league’s post-season event scheduled July 17 and 18 at Hartman Arena in Park City, Kansas.

Four of the six teams have already kicked off their year, with two additional new sides – the Chicago Mustangs and Cleveland Crunch – set to join that quartet in regular season play. The Crunch will kickoff their season this Saturday March 20th against Colorado, and the Mustangs April 10th as they host the Omaha Kings. This will be both Colorado and Omaha’s return to play, before the Inferno host Chicago on May 15th at home and the Kings host them on Saturday May 1st in their home opener.

As released yesterday the 3 invitational winners will advance to the final four in addition the 4th best team based on overall win percentage. The four teams that advance will be seeded based on win percentage from the games that count toward the regular season, with each team still abiding by the minimum of 10 games played to qualify. The playoff scenario is 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3, with the winner of each game advancing to the finals on July 18th.

“We’re very appreciated to have the cooperation and coordination of these teams to allow us to play a regular season,” Commissioner Chris Economides noted. “As we’ve seen already, the games played so far have been highly competitive, and I’m confident that Chicago and Cleveland will bring strong sides to the field as well. So I think our fans are in for some great matchups and exciting games this spring and summer.”

The Muskegon Risers are not playing a full schedule but will be playing several “friendlies” as part of their Great Lakes Invitational series. Games in Muskegon played between two M2 teams will count in the regular season standings for the visiting team. The winner of the selected Great Lakes Invitational M2 matchups based on win percentage will be the 3rd team to advance to the final four.  

The Wichita Wings will resume their season in May as they travel to Chicago before returning home to host the Cleveland Crunch on Saturday June 5th in a highly anticipated matchup of the two historic franchises.

The Amarillo Bombers return to play May 22nd in Colorado before hosting the Omaha Kings at their home opener on Sunday June 20th, followed by home games against Wichita and Colorado prior to their secured trip the final four after their championship at the Rocky Mountain Invitational.

For additional information on game times, venues and ticket information, please visit each respective team’s website or their social media platforms. That information will also be available on the league’s website at and all its social media platforms in the coming days.

“We all owe each of these teams a great deal of thanks for stepping up to provide us with a regular season. Many sacrifices by owners, players, sponsors and fans are being made to make it happen,” Deputy Commissioner Andrew Ross added. “This will be critical in paving the way to a normal 2021-22 season when we expect at least double the amount of teams to be part of the growing MASL 2 excitement.”

Following is a team by team breakdown of their remaining 2021 schedule, and a master schedule for the league as well.

Amarillo Bombers: 

May 22: @ Colorado 7pm MT

June 11: @ Wichita 7pm CST

June 12: @ Wichita 3pm CST

June 20: v Omaha 4pm CST

July 9: v Wichita 7pm CST

July 11: v Colorado 4pm CST

July 17: @ Final Four TBD

July 18: @ Finals TBD

Colorado Inferno:

March 20: @ Cleveland 7pm EST 

March 21: @ Cleveland (GL Invitational) 2pm EST 

April 24: @ Muskegon (GL Invitational) 7pm CST 

April 25: @ Chicago (GL Invitational) 3pm CST
May 15: v Chicago 7pm MT

May 22: v Amarillo 7pm MT 

May 29: @ Omaha 7pm CST

May 30: @ Omaha 2pm CST

June 26: v Wichita 7pm MT

June 27: v Wichita 2pm MT

July 11: @ Amarillo 4pm CST

Cleveland Crunch:

March 20: v Colorado 7pm EST

March 21: v Colorado (GL Invitational) 2pm EST

April 3: @ Muskegon 7pm CST

April 11: @ Chicago 4pm CST

April 24: v Chicago (at Muskegon GL Invitational) 2pm CST

May 8: v Omaha 7pm EST

May 9: v Omaha 3pm EST

May 22: v Chicago (GL Invitational) 7pm EST

June 5: @ Wichita 7pm CST

June 6: @ Omaha 3pm CST

Chicago Mustangs:

April 10: v Omaha 7pm CST

April 11: v Cleveland 4pm CST

April 24: @ Cleveland (in Muskegon GL Invitational) 2pm CST

April 25: v Colorado (GL Invitational) 3pm CST

May 1: @ Omaha 7pm CST

May 2: @ Omaha 2pm CST

May 8: v Wichita 7pm CST

May 9: v Wichita 3pm CST

May 15: @ Colorado 7pm MT

May 22: @ Cleveland (GL Invitational) 7pm EST

Omaha Kings:

April 10: @ Chicago 7pm CST

May 1: v Chicago 7pm CST

May 2: v Chicago 2pm CST

May 8: @ Cleveland 7pm EST

May 9: @ Cleveland 3pm EST

May 29: v Colorado 7pm CST

May 30: v Colorado 2pm CST

June 6: v Cleveland 3pm CST

June 20: @ Amarillo 4pm CST

Wichita Wings:

May 8: @ Chicago 7pm CST

May 9: @ Chicago 3pm CST

June 5: v Cleveland 7pm CST

June 11: v Amarillo 7pm CST

June 12: v Amarillo 3pm CST

June 26: @ Colorado 7pm MT

June 27: @ Colorado 2pm MT

July 9: @ Amarillo 7pm CST

July 17: Final Four Host TBD

July 18: Finals Host TBD

COMPOSITE SCHEDULE (Home Team Listed Second)

March 20     Colorado vs Cleveland 7pm EST

March 21     Colorado vs Cleveland (Great Lakes Invitational) 2pm EST

April 3        Cleveland vs Muskegon 7pm CST

April 10      Omaha vs Chicago 7pm CST

April 11       Cleveland vs Chicago 4pm CST

April 24      Chicago vs Cleveland (Great Lakes Invitational at Muskegon) 2pm CST

April 24      Colorado vs Muskegon (Great Lakes Invitational) 7pm CST

April 25      Colorado vs Chicago (Great Lake Invitational) 3pm CST

May 1         Chicago vs Omaha 7pm CST

May 2         Chicago vs Omaha 2pm CST

May 8         Wichita at Chicago 7pm CST

May 8         Omaha at Cleveland 7pm EST

May 9         Omaha at Cleveland 3pm EST

May 9         Wichita at Chicago 3pm CST

May 15       Colorado at Chicago 7pm MT

May 22       Amarillo at Colorado 7pm MT

May 22       Chicago vs Cleveland (Great Lakes Invitational) 7pm EST

May 29       Colorado at Omaha 7pm CST

May 30        Colorado vs Omaha 2pm CST

June 5         Cleveland at Wichita 7pm CST 

June 6         Cleveland at Omaha 3pm CST

June 11        Amarillo at Wichita 7pm CST

June 12       Amarillo at Wichita 3pm CST

June 20       Omaha at Amarillo 4pm CST

June 26       Wichita at Colorado 7pm MT

June 27       Wichita at Colorado 2pm MT

July 9          Wichita at Amarillo 7pm CST

July 11        Colorado at Amarillo 4pm CST

July 17        M2 Playoff Semifinals in Wichita/Park City, Hartman Arena

July 18        M2 Championship Game in Wichita/Park City, Hartman Arena



                                      GP    W      L       Wpct          GF    GA    STK

Wichita Wings                3        3        0        1.000          21      10      W3

Colorado Inferno            5        3        2          .600          35      34      L1

Amarillo Bombers          5        3        2          .400          34      37      W2

Omaha Kings                 5        1        4          .200          34      43      OTL 1

Cleveland Crunch           0        0        0          .000          0       0       –-

Chicago Mustangs          0        0        0          .000           0       0       ---

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