MASL3 Expansion: Wichita To Build Reserve Team in 2021

Park City, KS (September 14th, 2020) - A few months ago the Major Arena Soccer League ("MASL") announced the creation of a third division to arena soccer, the MASL3 ("M3"). The Wichita Wings organization will be joining the M3, with tryouts slated for this fall. 

The MASL believes a new division will provide owners who wish to startup indoor franchises across the country the foundation to methodically build a sustainable product. One goal is to help new markets advance up the arena soccer pyramid. New organizations will be encouraged to form strategic relationships and affiliations with teams in the other two levels of the arena soccer pyramid, MASL and M2. The M3 will serve as the amateur gateway for players who are looking to develop into the professional players featured in M2 and the MASL.

In addition to new clubs joining the M3, the league is already seeing more and more current MASL teams take the approach that they need the ability to get developmental players more time on the field. That way of thinking is exactly in line with what the Wichita Wings management plans to do. 

"We have such an amazing staff and group of players that this decision really became easy for us", said Wings GM/Partner Blake Shumaker. "We made the local player our priority in 2019 by looking into our community for not only players raised here but also internationals from our universities and players who had experience with FC Wichita's outdoor team. We have that stability now so we just need more match time for these young players who want to play indoor." 

Shumaker hopes that the M3 will allow for more 16-to-23 year-old amateur players to take their game and the indoor soccer nuances into their college or outdoor soccer club, as well. "There are some great things players can take from indoor soccer", says Shumaker. "The timing of your movement off the ball is much more important, the transitioning from offense to defense is much faster, and of course playing in tight spaces. It takes the players mental speed of play and decision making to a totally different level." 

Wichita Wings head coach Roger Downing is excited to see more players in the pipeline. "The M3 is set to be highly competitive, however it is not considered a professional league", said Downing. "Collegiate athletes can play for their hometown, gaining valuable experience, while still maintaining eligibility." 

Coach Downing says the new team is also looking to begin interviewing for the M3 head coaching position. Candidates should complete the online FORM to begin the process.   


The Wings plan to hold open tryouts in November 2020. Look for the online registration in the coming weeks. 

2020/2021 SEASON 

Post covid-19 return to play dates are said to be announced by October 15th, 2020.  

Wichita M3 TEAM NAME 

 The Wichita Wings have not yet announced the official team name of the new M3 minor league franchise.  


Apply for the M3 head coaching job HERE