Wings Sign Indoor Veteran Daniel Sack

by Lisa Sillaway


Park City, KS (November 12, 2019) - Daniel Sack was born and raised in Wichita. He lives a quiet life in College Hill now with his girlfriend and their two rescue dogs. He's been an "extremely competitive" soccer player, indoor and out, his entire life. He's also been a lifelong Wichita Wings fan. And this season, his dream comes true as he dons the orange to take the field for the 40th anniversary comeback team.

"Growing up in Wichita, my family had season tickets to the Wings through the '90s, so I have been a Wings fan my entire life," said Sack. "For the team to come back is not only a big deal for me personally, but its a big deal for the people of this city who want to get back to supporting the team they remember from 40 years ago. If I wasn't able to play for this team, I would be a season ticket holder. So obviously, being a part of this team and being able to put that jersey on is absolutely a dream come true and I can't wait to get to work."

Sack might be a familiar face to other die-hard Wichita soccer fans. He took to the indoor pitch at Hartman Arena from 2013-2015 with the Wichita B-52's and he is also a Friends University grad who was named All-Conference in 2010. Off the field, he is still somewhat on the field. Devoted to local youth, Sack also works full time for the City of Wichita Park & Recreation Department as an Athletic Director administering youth and adult sports leagues and tournaments within the community.

"I really enjoy what I do and am passionate about improving quality of life and providing high-quality sports programs to develop and progress our youth in the local community," Sack said.

Unfortunately, he jokes that his sports management skills appear to be left at the door when he returns home.

"Our pit bull does like to play soccer, but he isn't too good on the rules. He just likes to rip the ball apart piece by piece," Sack said.

He might not be able to teach his rescue dog any ball-handling skills, but he says he was lucky enough to personally learn from some of the best of former Wichita Wing players.

"I watched the Wings in the mid-90s through 2001. I was a huge fan of the Dunn brothers and watching them play, but for me, 'Fast' Eddie Henderson and Kris Peat were probably my biggest inspirations," he said. I was fortunate enough to have personal training sessions with both of those players when I was young and there are things that they taught me that I still use today."

And what can this experienced and competitive indoor player and respected community leader bring to the new Wichita Wings? His answer might surprise you.

"I guess I would say I try to keep everyone on the team smiling. Having played at this level before, I know the pressure can be overwhelming. It's important to remember we are all out here playing the game we love, and if you're not having fun, you're not doing it right," he said.

See Sack and his new indoor team on the field as the Wichita Wings open their season at home on Dec. 28. Season tickets are on sale now via Ticketmaster and at the Hartman Arena.