by Lisa Sillaway


Brazilian-born Lucas Sousa is the newest Wichita Wing. Make sure that you cheer extra loud for him this weekend, Orange Army, because he was the fellow from the Kansas City Comets with the most shots-on-goal during the exhibition match that you grudgingly had to admit had mad skills with the soccer ball.

You remember him, don't you? Well, he's ours now. And we all know Orange Army can be an intimidating crowd to visiting teams, but Sousa is taking the transfer in stride and with good humor.

"At the exhibition game I was the player who had most shots on goal but I was only able to score twice," said Sousa. "However, I hope to be able to score a lot more now as a part of the Orange Army! I believe my characteristics as a indoor player are the quickness, skills and shots."

Sousa is excited about the trade and so is team leadership, who noted that he managed to score two goals, tally one assist and log 17 shots, nine of which were on-goal against the Wings in exhibition, according to Blake Shumaker, owner. 

"While playing, I was impressed with the organization itself," said Sousa. "The arena, fans, everything was so welcoming and amazing! I’m really excited to join the team and hope to give my best to the fans that so much deserve it.”

See, you will like him much better in orange. We promise.

Sousa comes to Wichita by way of Kansas City and Park University, where he was an all-conference performer twice over and an honorable mention All-American.  He earned his Bachelor in International Business from Park University and is finishing up his Master's degree in Global Relations this year. While his parents and sister live in Brazil, his girlfriend Alyssa and dog Pipa keep him company stateside.

"Indoor has been new experience for me in the U.S.," said Sousa. "I spend most of my time playing outdoor and in Brazil futsal (a variant of football played on a hard court, smaller than a football pitch, and mainly indoors), however, I’m very good adapting to new places and can’t wait to prove it in the field."

Tickets are still available for Sousa's debut in orange (and our last regular season home game), at 7 p.m., Sunday, February 23 at Hartman Arena in Park City, Kan. Purchase yours online via Ticketmaster or at the arena box office.